Kevin Durant All Time Scorer

This is why I believe Kevin Durant will end up as the NBA all time leader in scoring when he retires.

(If he doesn’t have a serious injury)

He is a pure scorer. Kevin Durant 29. In the NBA today the game has become a lot less physical. Especially from the the 20-30 years ago. Well Durnat, has at least 8-10 years left of playing or maybe more. We can all see Kevin Durant playing for a long time with a few nicks and injuries along the way. But this man has never scored less than 20 points per game ever since he been in the league. He will only get better over during his prime years of playing basketball.

7 Ft tall and he’s only getting better. So far his best season statistically was when he won MVP of the league (2013-2014) When he ended up averaging 32 points shooting at .503%. Kevin Durant has 4 scoring titles. I believe he has the same playing style of Dirk Nowitzki currently he is 39. He is a 6th all time in scoring and i believe Kevin Durant is a more efficient player than Dirk and will be in his prime much longer due to how the league is all about offense and 3 point shooting.

Currently he is averaging 26 points off 18 shots.

His MVP season He averaged 32 points off 21 shots.

His role with the Warriors is for him to efficient scorer, remember he shares the scoring load with Splash Brothers (Curry, Thompson). Hence why he is taking fewer shots.

Currently he is at 19,712 points and is still counting which ranks his 44th in all time scoring in his 9th season. His career average is 27.2 points. Which is 2 points higher than Kobe Bryant who ranks 3rd all time in scoring who played 19 seasons and was a great scorer during his prime and career.

The All-Time scoring leader is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who sits at 38,387 points and he has played in 20 season to eclipse that mark.

This being KD 9th year puts him on a great projection to be the all time leading scorer once he hangs it up.

-Believe it, See it, Achieve it-


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