How I Fell in love (My Background Story)

First I am very new to blogging and I am very excited to tell my story. Sharing my insight on basketball concepts, players, and trends. My goal is to someday be in the NBA world. My ultimate dream is to one day be an NBA Executive.

Growing up in Hartford we didn’t have any major sports teams.

My Story:

I love everything about basketball I live, breathe, and I enjoy talking about it to anyone and everyone who is willing to listen to me.

My ideas are always progressing about basketball and how the game is forever evolving. I started watching the NBA in the mid 90’s alongside with my father.

As a kid:

I would go in backyard and shot hoops thinking I would be in the NBA somehow someway. Unfortunately my own basketball career was derailed with injuries and misfortunes of life. Nevertheless my passion for the game of basketball has become even stronger.

I’ve been watching the NBA for over 25 seasons and a lot has changed!

Fast Forward:

Since I’m an adult now with my own family I don’t have time to play basketball like I used to but when I do get the chance it is one of the best feelings being out there. I still talk a lot about basketball to my friends, family, and of course random people that want to debate or just chat about basketball. Recently this year my wife got me a basketball and she said I talk about it so much and didn’t have one.

I would play random pick up games every so often but would often get discourage because of my height and my lack of progression. I couldn’t remember the last time I played a somewhat competitive game.  Well this past summer I actually started training again for basketball on my days off early Saturday morning’s I would spend 2-3 hours shooting, practicing dribbling drills, and other basketball drills I would see on YouTube. After a few months I started feeling really good about myself. I recently started watching more basketball videos and old tapes of the NBA to see how I can improve my game.

3 things that drastically changed about my basketball game:

Basketball IQ (Vision)



I have been practicing for about 5 months now but since it’s getting cold I’m thinking about joining a league soon. I will keep you updated on my dream to one day become an NBA Executive. Or if I am somehow in the NBA after I write tons and tons of basketball content. Who Knows?

Just know I am here for the long haul!

-Believe it, See it, Achieve it-


2017-2018 NBA All Stars Who i Voted for





PLUS / MINUS – Your team needs you on the court!

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