Is this the actual state of the NBA?

Currently the NBA has turned into an analytical game. Run and gun, 3 point shooting, pick n roll, no physical league. Has this made watching the NBA about skill level over positions? Is this new way of thinking good? Is change inevitable.

New changes

The NBA is always adjusting, the way basketball is being played today is different then how it was played 20 years ago.  The game has been developed in so many different aspects.  Every decade or so, the NBA begins to have different nuances within the game itself. Different rules changes allowed recently successful players like Steph Curry & James Harden benefit.

The 3 ball is dominating the league today and it’s kind of annoying. Like post up and give me some strength on that outback dunk.

Teams have already construction their playing style of just 3 point shooting and lay ups.

The art of the Post/Mid range is almost absent in today’s game.

That makes me sad…

Do you think?

The NBA is dictated by whichever team wins the championship?

History has shown that this is a true statement!

What do you think?


-Believe it, See it, Achieve it-


Who’s your 2018 MVP?

Is this the actual state of the NBA?



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