Christmas Pre-Finals CLV vs GSW?

It’s 2017-2018 NBA season and yes if you haven’t been paying attention to basketball. GSW vs CLV is a rival. It’s silly to think that they won’t be playing in the finals. Just like the 60’s with the Celtics and the 90’s with the Bulls. In every decade there has always been dynasty’s. Today’s NBA we have greatness vs dynasty.

Did i like the NBA Christmas game? I was definitely looking forward to seeing the 1st and 2nd greatest players in today’s generation. But this game was a total let down. Yes Steph Curry or Isiah Thomas didn’t played. But that day I really believed we were going to witness a preview to the finals as far as individual match ups.

Lebron played 40 minutes 20 p 7/18 6r 6a 7t

Kevin played 36 minutes 25 p 8/19 7r 3a 2s 4t

Total let down but the game itself was what we expected

The 2 best players in the NBA let the moment get in the way of showing us how good they can be.

-Believe it, See it, Achieve it-



Is this the actual state of the NBA?

NBA Coaches – Most Wins

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