Drummond Rebounding Is Extraordinary

Coming out of UConn i didn’t think much of Andre Drummond. I didn’t think he could be the next dominant force in the NBA. At 19 I seen qualities that he had that could transfer into the NBA such as his rebounding ability. Rebounding is a key aspect to the game. Rebounding is an art that can be taught but in order to be great at this ability, you need heart and determination. The will power to go locate, box out your opponent and find the basketball off the rim in itself is very challenging.

What the NBA fails to do is showcase others players strength that doesn’t involved scoring. Andre Drummond is 24 years old stud and is only in his 5th season in the NBA was drafted by the Detroit Pistons. He already ranks in the top 15 all time in rebounding per games at 13.04. This puts him right behind Dennis Rodman who is a Hall of Famer incisively because of his rebounding and defense. Dennis also lead the league in rebounding 7 times. Not only is Drummond’s on a HOF path by just rebounding his overall game has been improving since entering the league.

Drummond is an elite rebounder in today’s league and he’s force to deal with every time he steps onto the court. This year the Detroit Pistons have decided to expand Drummond’s roll within the offense. They now run the offense through him and let him make the play for his teammates.

This year he is averaging 15 rebounds per game. He has already lead the league in rebounding once before winning the rebounding title in 2015-2016, he is on track to get his 2nd rebounding title this year.

-Believe it, See it, Achieve it-


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