2017-2018 NBA All Stars Who i Voted for

As we approach the All-Star break 2017-2018 season which is the half way point of the season. The All-Star game is where we get to see the NBA’s talent on display for the entirety of that weekend. The All-Star break will take place on February 16-18.

How I break down an NBA all star is in many categories such as, impact on team, how much this player has to attribute to his team success, and who has been playing the best respectfully for each side.

A lot of people go on how good the team success is but if you have people on your team that does not shoot well or do anything else for that matter. Then really good players on bad teams stats tend to raise up due to the lack of other good players around them. They shouldn’t suffer from not being an all star just because there team isn’t that great. Perfect example of this is when I looked over at the east teams it was very hard for me to find all stars on teams that were currently in the playoffs.

Now here’s who I believe deserves to be starting in East vs West All Star game.

East All Stars Starters

G- Kyrie Irving – 24p 3.5r 5a

G- DeMar DeRozan – 25.4p 4.2r 5a

F-Giannis Antetokounmpo – 28.4p 9.9r 5a

F- Lebron James – 27.1p 8r 8.8a

C-Joel Embid – 23.5p 10.8r 3.4a

Reserves players

F- Kristaps Porziņģis – 23.6p 6.8r 1.3a

F- Ben Simmons – 16.9p 8.2r 7.3a

C- Andre Drummonds – 14.6p 15r 3.8a

F- Kevin Love – 19.2 p 9.6r 1.7a

G- John Wall – 19.7 p 3.7 r 9.3a

G- Bradely Beal – 23.8p 4.4r 3.8a

G- Victor Oladipo – 24.4p 5.2r 4a

West All Stars Starters

G- Stephen Curry – 27.8 p 5.2r 6.5a

G- James Harden – 32.3 p 5r 9.1a

F-Anthony Davis – 26.7 p 10.5r 2.3a

F- Kevin Durant – 26.3 p 7r 5.3a

C-Demarus Cousins – 25.5 p 12.6r 5.1a

Reserves players

G-Russell Westbrook – 25.1p 9.6r 10a

F-Karl Anthony Towns – 20.2p 12r 2.3a

G- Klay Thompson – 20.6p 4r 2.6a

G-Jimmy Butler – 21.4p 5.4r 5.1a

G-Damian Lillard – 24.8p 4.8r 6.5a

F- LaMarcus Aldridge – 22.8p 8.5r 1.9a

G- Devin Booker – 24.9 p 4.4r 4.4a

-Believe it, See it, Achieve it-

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