76ers vs Thunder- 1/28/18

The last time these two teams played it took OKC 3OT to get PHI. As far as for the game last night this turned out to be an incredible intense game. I tuned in after half time when the sixers were up 11 and I was noticing how many shots (20) Russell Westbrook had compare to the rest of his team. Could this be another game that Westbrook shoots his team out of the game with his inefficient shooting. The sensational highlight of the 1st half is when Embid dunked on Westbrook and stared him down. The score entering the 3rd quarter was 58 – 47 with the Sixers up. More of less Philadelphia feeling good about the 2nd half as they were looking to put the thunder away as they had them on the ropes. The 3rd quarter was a interesting one to say the least. A lot of back and forth one team scores and the other team scores. The sixers started getting comfortable. They started to over pass which lead them to a lot of shot clock violations. The sixers also started getting more lax on defense. Until boom Carmelo Anthony was guarding Joel Embid in the post and there was a lot of tussling and trash talk going on. Anthony got called for the defensive foul. But the trash talking did not stop between these two. The game suddenly had a different feel to it, felt like a playoff game and this game showed what the thunder could ultimate be come playoff time. Carmelo picked up 3 quick fouls and he definitely look irritated. Coach Billy Donovan quickly pulled Carmelo and the team felt rejuvenated with this new found energy. As if they figured out they were the better team. They out scored 35 to 25  The 4th quarter rolled in the sixers were battling back. Paul George scored 31 points very efficiently and on fire from the 3. Westbrook starting attacking forcefully in the paint. Thunder started pulling away; Sixers looked out matched. Westbrook ended the game with 37 points on 33 shots. At the end of the game Westbrook had a stare-down with the sixers star Embid. Can’t wait for part 3.

-Believe it, See it, Achieve it-


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