Oklahoma City Thunder can be an elite team?

OKC a team lead by Russell Westbrook, finally he has some players that can help him win. But how far can they go?

Currently OKC is one of the top defense’s teams, Paul George & Russell Westbrook are in the top 5 in steals in the entire league. Top 5 in defensive rating which means that as an overall team they play very good team defense. As a team they are first in steals they also finish within the top 10 in rebounding.

Now after 57 games the thunder have gel together. They are currently in 5th place in the west with the record of 32-25. Beating the top teams in the NBA with convincing. Blowing out the world champs twice, once at home and once in there arena.

Steven Adams and Westbrook connection is unstoppable. There chemistry over the past 4 years has been incredible.

The new additions to the thunder.

Paul George and Carmelo Anthony have accepted there role and for the past month the team has allow Westbrook to do what he did last year. Carmelo has been struggling with injuries and is just flat out missing shots but his overall impact and leadership does benefit the team. But the best player to the thunder addition has to be PG-13. The past month Paul George has been on fire in January he has been averaging 23.4p shooting 48% from the field. His role as being the clear cut #2 has really revived his career after having a down season last year in Indiana.

I know February just started and they have not played that many games but for this month Paul George is now averaging 30.7p shooting 49% from the field. His 3 point percentage has improved greatly and is now shooting 46%. His catching and shooting the 3 point off of Westbrook drive has been destroying teams and he is making them pay. He is having the best season of his career playing with Westbrook.

I believe the OKC thunder are built for the playoffs they have a lot of experience players that have been deep into the playoffs.

Could this be there year? Could we possible see a thunder vs warriors western conference finals.

-Believe it, See it, Achieve it-


James Harden “Most Elite Scorer”


Top 5 SF 2017-2018

Congratulations to Glenn “Doc” Rivers


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