Bos vs Nola game review 3/18/18

I checked the NBA schedule and found a very interesting game to me at 6pm. It was the Boston Celtics vs. the New Orleans Pelicans (Nola). Unfortunately both teams were not at full health. Nola not having there big man in Demarcus Cousins. Boston not having both there starting players in Kyrie Irving and Jaylen Brown . This game showed me which team will be more dangerous in the playoff’s going forward.

As the game starts Boston jumps Nola, 8-0 first quarter start. Nola got punched in their mouth as soon as the game started. They didn’t get anything going until they started running plays for Anthony Davis after a timeout 4 minutes into the game.  His play single handed kept Nola in the game in the first quarter. Boston maintain the lead throughout the first quarter. First quarter ended Bos 28 Nola 20.

Jason Tatum was a bright spot for Boston as by design I believe by the coach. To really get him over after he hit that famous rookie wall. Lately he hasn’t been playing his best. But tonight was a different story.  He was hot early and look to get his shot off early. He was putting on a dribbling show by crossing up the defender’s left and right or either pump faking and using his right pivoting foot to sleekly hit the fade away on the good defense. Jason Tatum has been showing out this entire season and especially tonight that he has a chance to be a superstar in this league if he keeps improving his game throughout the years to come. As he finished with 23 points off 9-14 from the field along with 2 3P off 3 shots.

Boston proved over and over in the 2nd quarter that they would not give up the lead. As they were moving the ball playing excellent defense and getting good shooting looks. They also went deeper into their bench early on in the game. Nola made a strong come back towards the end of the quarter as they took the lead a few times. Rajon Rondo (Nola) did a good job throughout the 2nd qt and throughout the game of just controlling the pace/tempo. Getting teammates in the right spots as he was responsible for dropping dimes to teammates as they got easy looks. As he finished 2/5 from the field with 4 points 11 assists and 1 turnover. Half time score Nola 47 Bos 49.

3rd began and Nola came out the gate with a full head of steam lead by AD and the bench. They had a lot of moment coming out of half time. I don’t believe Bos was ready for this different team their entire team defense picked up. As Nola was getting a lot of lay ups. Bos came out lethargic as a team the turnover and bad shots started to come in and this showed that they missed a lot of key players. Bos didn’t seem to have that much energy as it became much harder for them to score. Nola was to much they ended the 3 qt 82 Nola Bos 76.

When the 4th quarter started you knew from then that AD and his team wanted it more as the whole team was a lot more aggressive. They continue to put there heads down and drive to the paint. Nola coached must of told his team to just go inside they have no one really to stop you. Because that’s exactly what Nola did and if they weren’t doing that they were kicking it out for players wide open for 3’s. It was a good game but it just looked like Bos ran out of gas and by far way to overwhelmed. AD finished with 34P 14/24 shooting from the field 0-3 from 3P with 11R. The final score Bos 89 Nola 108.

My Take:

Overall the game was good both teams played at a fast pace. They both moved the ball around to get open shots for 3P’s and also ran isolation plays for their best players. Also a lot of pick n roll options or just running a flat out ISO. I enjoyed the game I believe Bos was short handed with players but also showed that there “TEAM” is very good and come compete with any of the good teams. Nola showed me that Anthony Davis (AD) is doing what he is supposed to be doing as being a dominate player in this league. Going out there and dominate but also win with team success. At times, I felt like AD settled in this game for way to many jumpers as he could of score more by driving or posting up. Still very impressed with the way he has being playing after the All-Star game.

-Love what you do-

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