Playoff is finally ALMOST HERE

On a competitive level this season has been great. Besides the top 2 teams in each conference. 3-8 the east and teams seeded 3-10 in the west.  Throughout the whole league every team has been playing basketball at more vying seasons. I’m loving it as a fan because each night i get to see a lot of different players have hot games. Whether it’s due to a lot coaching strategies or just a player simply getting hot in a game. As we approach the final stretch of the 2017-2018 season, teams start to position themselves and prepare for the playoff half of the NBA. (Where you win or go home and wait for next year)

What are your thoughts on this season? On a side note

Are you ready for the playoffs because i am. That’s a whole different season within itself.

What teams or players stood out to you?


-Love what you do-


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