2017- 2018 Top 10 Rookies

The future looks bright for the NBA. As these young stars show extreme talent. The rookies of 2017-2018 season have been simply amazing. Here are my top 10 rookies of this season. Starting at …


In this i will show how effective these rookies have been all year to there team success. A true way to measure that stat is PER.

PER-Player Efficiency Rating

You may ask yourself what is a PER?

PER is?

A statistical measure used in the NBA to measure the effectiveness of a player by taking into consideration all statistics kept by the NBA, and weights the player’s production by minutes played per game, and number of team possessions per game.

The PER of an “average” NBA player is 15.0.


1. Ben Simmons- 



20.15 PER


2. Donovan Mitchell-



16.60 PER 


3. Jayson Tatum-



15.13 PER


4.Lauri Markkanen-


Age – 20

15.51 PER 


5.Kyle Kuzma-

PF- 6’9

Age- 22

14.23 PER


6.Dennis Smith Jr-

PG- 6’3


12.70 PER


7.John Collins-

PF- 6’10

Age- 20

18.43 PER


8. Bogdan Bogdanovic-

SG- 6’6


13.72 PER


9. Lonzo Ball



12.53 PER


10. De’Aaron Fox- 

PG – 6’3 


11.22 PER


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