James Harden Most Elite Scorer

James Harden is a deadly assassin from the offense end holding no parallels in his way as he gets buckets. Known for his signature step back; James harden has created moves that not only keep you off your feet as a defender but also leaves you stuck. A lot of people say James Harden step back is illegal. Well to me, sometimes his step back’s look clean and other times ehh very questionable. But like a lot of great players the best players usually always get the calls. Since being traded to Houston for nothing in return, which i mean that figuratively. James Harden has been averaging damn near 28 points per game being just 5 seasons with Houston. Has been in the top in MVP voting twice since arvingg. Coming in 2nd place for the MVP voting twice. James Harden has proven this year 2017-2018 season that he is one of today’s most elite scores.

Do the coaching staff and scheming do a lot with his scoring, i would say no. It’s a combination of both because Houston has 3 point shooters and they spread out. Harden now has the ability usually to go 1 on 1. Half time he will score the other half he will get to the free throw line. He has amazing handles, also Harden has mastered the pick n roll. He makes himself unstoppable because he is so aggressive all the time. If you double team he will find the open man in the corner for 3 or he will throw the lob to his big man. He has been very dangerous all season. This year is looking to be the year of the beard.

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