Not Enough NBA Awards?

You should not get an award for just playing basketball. Lets get that out the way in case you were thinking that. But certain rewards should be recognize. The NBA doesn’t always showcase there best talent. The create all these news stats but tend to only be locked in on a few players. The tend to focus on a trend which stems from the power teams in the NBA. You have to be a “sexy” player, what i mean by that is that NBA needs more faces then just Lerbon. In the league today at the top of the NBA there’s just a few bright stars. There are over 30 teams in the NBA and a handful of superstars. Showing different aspects of the game is reasons why stats were made.

New awards ideas

2016-2017 was a unforeseen season. Russell Westbrook won MVP but do you think he was the best player in the league that year? Lead the league in turnovers. That’s when you give the ball to the other team. In my opinion he shouldn’t of won MVP the thunder were team in 6th place in the west and they got an early exit in the playoffs in the 1st round. His team had the 10th best record in the entire league. I believe a MVP should be the best player on the team that has a top 5 record in the league.

The award Russell Westbrook should of been reward was most valuable to his team. Because without him his team would not have been as good. There are certain players that can carry teams to the playoffs and they have crazy numbers and they should be awarded for it. If he was the most valuable player in the league his team would of had a better record due to the face he is the best player in the league that elevated his teammates.

The most valuable player in the league last year was James Harden and to me the debate isn’t even close. Yes he finished 2nd that season in turnover’s but hear me out. His team finished with the 3rd best recorded in the league. He had a better shooting % and all around the same numbers while elevating his team.

One new award:

Award: “Most played minutes” during an NBA season needs to be recognized. The Iron man of the year 2017-2018 should be…

Because why?

If you go to work everyday never complain, take on extra hours, and do whatever is best for the business. That makes you valuable. The same reason why NBA players who play a lot of minutes should be rewarded. You are dependable , reliable , and what you do in the game helps the team win. Or you wouldn’t even get the rewarded. Coaches aren’t going to give bad players more playing time. That’s just  outright dumb and will be the quickest way coaches will get fired. We can even bring anyatlics in this for all yall numbers people. +/- simple plus/minus ( states that

“Box Plus/Minus (BPM) is a box score-based metric for evaluating basketball players’ quality and contribution to the team. It is the latest version of a stat previously called Advanced Statistical Plus/Minus; it is NOT a version of Adjusted Plus/Minus, which is a play-by-play regression metric.

BPM relies on a player’s box score information and the team’s overall performance to estimate a player’s performance relative to league average. BPM is a per-100-possession stat, the same scale as Adjusted Plus/Minus: 0.0 is league average, +5 means the player is 5 points better than an average player over 100 possessions (which is about All-NBA level), -2 is replacement level, and -5 is really bad.”

In simple terms, if a player is good his plus/minus will be high and if he’s playing the most minutes in the league with that stat, well let’s award him for that.

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2 thoughts on “Not Enough NBA Awards?

  • Great topic but i disagree with you on some points. 1 MVP Russ averaging a triple last year was way more impactful to the entire OKC organgization than Harden doing what he has been doing; which is balling. Hear me out, so OKC made a foolish choose letting KD walk and placed the mantel on Russ back. Cool however OKC when KD there struggled with acquiring talent due to $$$ and location (speculation) now that the best player in the league booked it OKC didnt have many players lined up to play for them. So Russ being russ literally put the team on his back to show A he is a superstar as well and B OKC aint no small organization compared to the giants in the west or even league. Russ avg a triple and still carried his team to the playoffs on his back alone was a statement. And such a statement opened the door for other teams to invite OKC to the table for serious trade talks. Hense this season they acquired to dynamic superstars Me7o and PG13. Yes russ lead in turnovers, ended in 6th, and 1st round exit what he did cor the organization is way beyond valuable to the WHOLE org rather just the team like Harden and not to discredit everything harden accomplished but looking at the real perspective it comes down to who made the ower richer with their level of play?

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  • I first would like to say thanks for taking time out your day and reading my post. To answer your question which player made their owner richer it would be the Rockets. They made it further in the playoffs which equals more TV money. The funny thing about last year the true mvp of the league “James Harden” eliminated “MVP” Westbrook . MVP’s evaluate everyone on their team. Play smart basketball . Be a great team leader.


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