Top 30 Players of 2017-2018 1ST EDITION

Here are my top 30 players of the 2017-2018 season. What do you think? Also the ratings have been updated from since the end of the regular season. 

Players over 100=Spectacular (illustrious)

Players over 90=Superstar

Players over 85= Star

Players over 80=All Star 

1- James Harden-97 SG

2-Lebron James-97 SF

3-Anthony Davis-97 PF

4-Kevin Durant-96 SF

5-Steph Curry-95 PG

6-Russel Westbrook-93 PG

7-Giannis Antetokounmpo-92 SF

8-Chris Paul-92 PG

9-DeMarcus Cousins-91 C

10-Damian Lillard-90 PG

11-Kyrie Irving-90 PG

12-Demar Derozan-90 SG

13-Karl-Anthony Towns-89 PF

14-Nikola Jokic-87 C

15-Paul George-87 SF

16-Jimmy Butler-87 SF

17-Victor Oladipo- 87 SG

18-Joel Embid-84 C

19-Ben Simmons-84 PG

20-Klay Thompson-83 SG

21-LaMarcus Aldridge-82 PF

22-Kemba Walker- 81 PG

23-Kyle Lowry-81 PG

24-Bradley Beal-81 SG

25-John Wall-80 PG

26-Draymond Green-80 PF

27-Devin Booker-80 SG

28-C.J. McCollum-80 SG

29-Donovan Mitchell-80 SG

30-Rudy Gobert -79 C

Do you agree with my list? Who did I forget?

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