Sixers vs Heat 1st round

Did anyone catch game 3 of this series? This series has to be one of the most entertaining first round match ups. During the 3rd quarters of the game they had a stat up saying during this game there were already (17) lead changes. That stat sums up this series . A young hungry team playing against team young team without an identity within the Miami Heat. These teams would go back and forth. Loving every moment of this series. So after watching this game very closely it was very evident to me that Miami has no chance in beating the sixers.


Unless Wade pulls something out of his bag of tricks and pulls off another comeback victory. Like he did in game 2 closing the sixers out. It could be very unlikely but very possible. That should be the heat is the motto for that mindset. The fact that they need a 36 year old wade to rejuvenate them isn’t the choice.

Bright spots for the heat

Drogic he has been really good all series really getting to where he needs to go to score . It’s just the other role players, they aren’t stepping up like they should. Maybe the moment is to big for them. Most of this team not having that many playoff experience. They don’t play every position with execution. Whiteside has been a big No Show in the first 3 games.

The heat have no identity and need to figure what type of team they want to be going forward in this series. In the future as well, they have a lot of young talent that kind do same thing. Around the same height. I believe in order for the Heat successful they need more diversity with there players going forward . They could do some trades this offseason or have a good draft.

Sixers :

Miami has no one . Not one player on the heat that can stop Embid and Simmons when they are on the court together. Those 2 players are match up problems. Embid being a 7’2 Center when a similar offfense skill as of the great Hakeem Olajuwon. With the capability of shooting 3’s/facing up and driving and with a lot of post moves. Like most players in today league positions aren’t as defined as they once were in the league. Which brings me up to Simmons who is arguably a 7ft point guard . With great speed and passing skills. Isn’t afraid to grab rebounds and lead his team. The sixers also have a lot of size throughout there whole team. They might be the biggest lengthy team in the entire playoffs. Sixers do rely heavily on the 3 point shot. Which can cause momentum swings throughout games. Sixers are well coached and run a lot of different sets all the time.

I was going to post this yesterday but decided to watch game 4 of this series. Man these 2 teams are going at it. I’m loving this series even more. Sixers proved in game 4 that they are a force in the east; taking a 3-1 lead. Miami of course relied heavily on wade as Philly pull away at the end to win. Philly will win this series and move on to the next round.

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