NBA 2nd round / playoffs

Has been boring. The first round had more exciting match ups and teams.

Another year and the east is still weak. Well… to me. Toronto has been the biggest fraud as a #1 seed that I’ve seen . This just shows you how “good” the east is. If Toronto is supposedly the best team in the east and they are on their way to get swept . That’s just pathetic . Go home and rebuild because that “core” will never win anything. The window has closed. Sorry not really.

Back to the king…

Another cake walk to the finals for Lebron, why?

Boston is young with no superstar.

Yes they are a very good team

Yes they are well coached.

But do we really believe they can take out the king? Without Kyrie? I would love for Boston and Cleveland to go 7 games just to see Lebron sweat. But hey if Cleveland loses it won’t hurt Lebron finals record. So you never know. Lebron is about stats/legacy/ and his brand.

As far as the west. For me from day 1 of this season I just knew Houston and GSW were on a crash course to face either other in the WCF. Which will probably be the best series of the entire playoffs.

Utah showed they got heart , but they are just outmatched by Houston potent offense.

Nola in the same boat as Utah just not enough talent to compete with the champs.

So let’s just get ready as we wish for the 2nd round to hurry up. 8 teams will be down to 4 teams.

What are your thoughts? Have you been enjoying the playoffs so far?

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