Oklahoma City Thunder “Super Team” 2017-2018

OKC season has been big A JOKE!

Are you kidding me? A first round elimination isn’t very super. This super-team was supposedly constructive to take down the warriors. How did that go? LOL let me tell you a 1st round exit to the Utah Jazz lead by a rookie.

What did you think about OKC big 3 season?

Personally I thought they had a lot of ups & downs throughout the entire season. This team was all about moments; they would have great moments looking unbeatable and also have cringe performances that would leave us wondering why this team was even assembled.

Last year’s MVP Russell Westbrook tried to work with his teammates early on in the season. He didn’t buy into the team play after awhile. Went back to his old ways. As we watched him take over 40 shots verse the jazz as he tried to will his team to victory in which he wasn’t successful.

Paul George look good at times but also limited by the offense. Paul George went cold throughout the 2nd half of the season. His scoring and all his field percentages dropped. His shot was just off. Reason’s only Pg-13 knows. Playoff P had a good game 1. The rest of his games were mediocre or not good at all.

Carmelo Anthony looked outright awful. At the start of the season for about a month he peaked. Melo was looking good and this team was starting to look somewhat promising as he was their 3rd option. But soon after all his overall number’s dropped by December and throughout the season significantly. In the playoff’s I couldn’t find Carmelo on the court in the playoffs that’s how bad he was.

Questions for the OKC thunder of this off-season…

Let’s start with there big 3.

Russell Westbrook:

How do you build around Russell Westbrook?

You build around him like other great ball dominate guards. Tough guys and spot up shooters.

Are you okay with just going to the playoffs?

The window for OKC isn’t closing but the door has a door keeper and his name is Westbrook. He’ll be turning 30 this upcoming season. He’s average a triple double the last 2 seasons and is really the only star there. But on the other hand he is just getting 1st round early exits.

Is Westbrook willing to change his game or will he always be one dimensional?

I don’t know . First he needs a coach that will coach him. Billy Donovan has no control. I’d say hire Monte Williams or Mark Jackson to coach Westbrook.

Paul George:

You don’t fit with Westbrook obviously. You need to make a decision this year. Do you want get paid or compete for a title? Many teams in the league could use PG-13 as a great number #2 option or a 1a/1b situation. But he cannot be the best player on your team to win a championship.

Carmelo Anthony:

Horrible season, career lows in scoring and efficiency. Point blank OKC get rid of him ASAP.

How can you get Carmelo NOT to resign that 28M?

Melo look beyond old this year. He could bounce back but that does look like bleak after watching him this year in the playoffs.

Just trash Carmelo you need to do better or retire. Clearly you all about you money. (I’m not mad at that)

Question for Carmelo to ask himself:

Do you want a championship before you retire?

I know you want to finish in the top 10 in scoring. I’m expecting you to bounce back next year. Hopefully you’re in a better situation. But this year you were trash, sir.

-do what you love-


Report: Harden, CP3 fought after Game 6 loss to Warriors

7 thoughts on “Oklahoma City Thunder “Super Team” 2017-2018

  • Melo is one of my favorite players ever (if not my top favorite) but it was sad to see his game regress so much. He used to be so dominant and fun to watch.

    I also agree on Westbrook – another hard player to build around. Seems like a lot of the time it’s all about stats with him. This experiment failed big time.

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  • Exactly I just stated the obvious on how you build around Westbrook. But it’s truly up to him and the thunder getting the right coach for him. And about Melo I’m not sure with him lol

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  • Yeah. Westbrook’s tough to do so with b/c he’s a point guard and doesn’t play like a typical pass-first guy.

    As for Melo, in his prime he was easier to build around but at this point in his career he’s gotta settle for a lesser role.

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  • I just wished Melo expanded his game. He played one way his whole career. So much potential. And you’re right about Westbrook he really should be off the ball. They went to the finals when the ball was in harden /Westbrook hands back in the day. Good times lol

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  • All I have to say, off the Court I like him. But, to give him the title as 🐐 is an insult. He is a great Tight-End playing basketball. In order to get the 🐐 you have to be more than 50% in the finals not 30%.

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  • 1st your talking about Lebron on a okc big 3 post 💀. And your points are valid . 3-6 in the finals . That’s not good, puts him a different category


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