Stephen “The Chef” Curry 3rd Qt performance. Game 3 of the WCF

Just wow!

When you watch Steph Curry play like that in the 3rd Qt. That is the type of performance makes you appreciate how amazing he is offensively.

In the 3rd quarter he dropped 18 points. Shooting a perfect 7/7. Finishing the game with a “Steph-effortless” 35 points. He was playing unconscious. Getting the favorable 1 on 1 match ups as he torched Houston. Scoring at will against Houston’s defenders. To be real a lot of his buckets were mainly on James Harden lol.

Point blank.

When Curry plays Unconscious is one of the most dangerous shooters of all time!

When you are in the zone you’re not thinking. You are allowing you’re body to feel the rhythm of everything you have ever practiced and you just react.

Your body and mind become locked in.

Essentially he has the ability to shoot from any angle with deep range and quick shooting release. Virtually unstoppable and we’re witness a glimpse of his greatness in game 3.

Steph Curry performance in game 3 showed us why the Warriors are the best team on a mission for another championship.

So Far, Curry hasn’t had the best series so far against these Houston Rockets.

Remember Curry is a greatest shooter of all time.

So what will happen?

Shooters Shoot.

No matter if you make or miss.

Keep shooting your shot.

I was watching him play just shaking my head of how good he is . It’s A GREAT sign to see Curry erupt in game 3. Especially when he didn’t look so good in game 2. In Game 1 he just look okay, but not playing like a superstar. The 2 x MVP let his presence be known this game.


How can you stop Steph Curry when he’s playing like Chef Curry pulling up from anywhere?

-Do what you love-



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