Game 5 WCF . GSW-94 HOU-98. Game/Series Reflection.

Houston takes a 3-2 lead in this best out of 7 series.

What I saw tonight:

Golden State-

Golden State did not play very well. They did not executed their style of basketball throughout the entire game. They finished the game with 18 turnovers. Which lead to Houston scoring 18 points. Careless passes from everyone. Chest pass not 1 hand lob passes when Houston is playing tight defense.

Tonight 18 total assist coming from the team that lead the NBA in team assists with 29 per game. That’s a huge drop off. They forgot how to play there game. The Dubs also have been falling in love with Houston style of play. Which they have not been successfully doing.Throughout this series the Dubs have been relying on to much 1 on 1.

The Dubs overall plays and gets coached way to lackadaisical. On the court they lt play with a great deal of arrogance during the games. Often times they are losing focus. Maybe the the Western Conference Finals isn’t that big of deal to anyone over there. News flash you can win more games if try 100% all the time.

Houston Rockets:

What I saw from the Houston Rockets tonight is a team that truly believes in what they do . They’ve showed toughness, grit, and determination. The rockets are seizing their opportunities. By executing there style of play to perfection when it really counts. They are the hungrier team, every lose ball there is always a Houston player around giving it there all to get possession for their team.

In game 5 the Rockets shot 37% from the field and showed that there are others way to win in this league. Defense! Theres an old adage that says defense wins championships and offense sells tickets. Well if Houston keeps playing like this then we’ll be seeing them in the finals. They look and have the feel of a special team.

Houston you have the biggest game of your life coming up in game 6. Put this team away and go to the finals. You have been the best team all season now it’s time to close out and prove that to the world.

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