Game 1: NBA Finals – My Take



Golden State-124

The 4th straight meeting between these two teams in the NBA finals. Cleveland winning in ’16 and Golden State winning in ’15 & ’17.

For Cleveland Lebron James was a one man wrecking ball of force. James playing with hell in his belly as he played easily one of his best games of his career.

As we take a look at his stat line

Lebron James-


51P 8R 8A 1B 1S

5 – T/O

-13 on the court


3/7 3P

For the Warriors they won with there big 4.

As we take a look at what Curry and Durant did in game 1 as they were the top scorers.

Kevin Durant-


26P 9R 6A 3B

1 – T/O

+17 on the court

8/22 FG

1/7 3P

Steph Curry


29P 6R 9A 1S

2 – T/O

+10 on the court

11/23 FG

5/11 3P

Lebron was unstoppable getting to where he wanted to go in game 1. Continuing where he left off by mixing it up on how he wanted to score. As a fan of basketball seeing Lebron this locked in and focused. By putting his team on his back was amazing to watch. The first 3Qt’s his efficiency was outrageous as he was shooting above 60%.

Kevin Love added 21 P but didn’t seem to matter much. Bright spot for the Cavs is Larry Nance Jr as he looked fresh coming off the bench with 9P and 11R. Cleveland was running good offensive sets which lead to players being wide open but were missing shots.

The pace of the game was played at the Cavs speed. They carried the lead most of the game. Of course they were moments during the game when the warriors would go on quick scoring runs and would take the lead easily. 4.2 seconds of the game and a missed Free throw opportunity to put the Cavs ahead. The costly mistake by Jr Smith by dribbling out the clock force overtime.

As soon as overtime started Cleveland looked completed defeated.

Could the play of JR Smith haunt this series?

Golden State did not play very well. They survived Game 1 on their home court . Kerr went deep in his bench searching for a spark plug and he got that from Shaun Livingston as he was 4/4 with 10P. Klay got hurt in the 1st qt by JR Smith and we saw him limping off the court. He still managed to return and play as he scored 23P in 45Min. Green showed out almost posting another triple double.13P 11R 9A.

I would give the warriors an B performance

I would give the Cavs an A- performance.

What did you think about the game?


11 thoughts on “Game 1: NBA Finals – My Take

  • I guess Kyrie wouldn’t be crazy about it, but I wonder if he might look at it as a “Let’s get the damn ring”. He IS the closer, after all. And the Cavs were much more dangerous- much more- when he was on the roster.

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  • First Kyrie would be pissed lol. 2nd the Celtics roster is a whole lot better than the Cavs roster. Would it work of course because Lebron brings anyone to the finals. Would make a lot of sense , especially if you don’t have to move to much of your core pieces .

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  • Lebron is by far the best player in the league. There is no debate about that.
    As far as Kd , well he’s a baller so I don’t expect him to have another subpar game against the Cavs. Game 2 has more intrigued to me because if the Cavs don’t win. I can this series in ending in 5.

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  • Baller,

    KD is passive as all get out at times, you’re right about that. And the way I like to put this to people who still doubt Lebron is by asking them a simple question.

    Put Durant on the Cavs. Are they making the finals? Curry? Harden? No . . in none of those cases. This takes nothing away from these players. It simply shows us how damn good Lebron still is!

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  • Good take bro. You didn’t miss anything really. Unless you wanted to see Lebron dominance on full display. I totally agree with you about JR Smith . He needs to pay more attention. Which is unfortunate because this is last series before you can win a championship. As far as KD he can never be compare to Lebron . Kd has a an okay game but as we soon realized he needs a team around him to carry him . He’s not as aggressive as he should be , he settles a lot, and he doesn’t do the little things. (Boxing out JR Smith )

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  • I missed the game because I worked early the next morning, but I’m kinda thankful I did because that ending was just plain stupid on several counts. J.R. Smith’s gaffe is the easy takeaway for most sports outlets, but some of those calls down the stretch? Were really sketchy, and worse.
    It’s funny because a year ago around this time, I talked up Kevin Durant as having passed James as best in the game. Nah ah. While I love KD’s game something fierce, I realize-now- there is no comparison. James is perhaps the best to have ever played the game, and if not best, he’s on the short list with MJ. Durant is a pure shooter the likes of which I could watch drain jumpers all weekend. But James . . . his legend grows, even in defeat.
    I would love to see the Cavs make a series of this, but man . . that was a crushing defeat!
    Love your take Baller!

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