Is Chris Paul deserving of a max contract?

Yes he is deserving of a max contract at the age of 33, but not for a contending team.

Why not?

Because max contracts are usually between 3-5 years with the potential to make over 200 million dollars. That’s a lot of money to a 6ft PG leaving his prime. Players that are under size in this league usually under 6’0 don’t age the that well as there athleticism gone.

Could Chris Paul be an exception?

At this point in Chris Paul’s career he needs to make a decision to what is the most important thing to him. A report came out today saying he will take nothing less than the max. Kind of weird hearing that from a player who was injured in his last 2 playoff years. But he feels as he is deserving. I feel like Chris Paul is in a good situation with Houston.

My question is how does Houston feel about hearing that there star PG wants max money?

Is Houston willing to go more into the luxury tax ?

My opinion: Chris Paul shouldn’t ask for the max but look for a team that will compliment him with the right players for him to succeed.

Was his first year in Houston a success?

I’d say No . This team during the regular season had great success leading the NBA with the best record.

Chris Paul prove himself as a top 10 player this year but is that enough ?


Houston mindset this year was championship or bust. They constructed this 2017-2018 Rockets team to beat the warriors. We all seen what happened.

-Do What You Love-



Sixers vs Heat 1st round

Kevin Love “the rich man of the Land”


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