Lebron James = Wilt Chamberlain- 2018 Finals Quest

Leborn James will ultimately be the king of the finals. Racking up tons of points, assists, rebounds, and a lot of other statistics.

That’s a fact!

Lebron will is the greatest statically playoff player ever. He is top 5 in games played in the playoffs. He will be number 1 in that category as well. Lebron has been piling up stats throughout leading his teams for long playoff runs. To have stats like Lebron does. You have to be a very dominate player for a very long time.

Throughout his years playing in the weaker conference. He did what he was supposed to do. Dominate. Leading his teams to 8 straight finals.

This year prove that while NBA players think about playoff seeding. Lebron is comfortable at any seed. It’s all about match ups. Lebron is more calculated with his proceeding. It’s amazing. I love it. Pretty awesome that all greats have a certain way at being great.

Do all greats have this in common?

Obstacles that the media shows that the opponent is tougher to change a narrative to prove greatness?

Why not!

It’s the media.

As we watch these playoffs go along there a young teams in the east. The pacers just found out who themselves where this year. Toronto or Washington both teams don’t have players that can actaully challenge Lebron James throne to his greatness path. This man plays chess while everyone in the east is just playing on a broken checker board.

This will be Lebron greatest quest as he once again will try to go another finals.

-Do what you love-


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