Lebron James = Wilt Chamberlain- 2018 Finals Quest

Leborn James will ultimately be the king of the finals. Racking up tons of points, assists, rebounds, and a lot of other statistics.

That’s a fact!

Lebron is the greatest statically playoff player ever. He is top 5 in games played in the playoffs. He will be number 1 in that category as well. Lebron has been piling up stats throughout his career leading his teams to long playoff runs.

Let’s be honest to have career like Lebron. You have shown your durability to dominate a very long time!

Throughout his years he did what he supposed to do , Dominate! He played in his 8 straight finals.

This year prove that while NBA players think about playoff seeding. Lebron is comfortable at any seed. It’s all about match ups. Lebron is more calculated with his proceeding. It’s amazing. I love it. Pretty awesome that all greats have a certain way at being great.

As we watch these playoffs go along we see that there a a lot young teams in the east.

The pacers just found themselves this year. And with Toronto or Washington both teams just don’t have the players that can challenge for the throne.

This man plays chess while everyone in the east is just playing on a broken checker board.

This will be Lebron James greatest quest as he once again wills he way to another finals.

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