Warriors in 4. 2018 NBA Champions. Are we witnessing a dynasty?

First want to say:

These finals after game 1 were extremely underwhelming. As we all knew Cleveland had no chance of defeating the Warriors. We watched the Warriors trounced Cleveland in 4 games.

To the Warriors,

Congratulations! You have now 3 titles in 4 years. That is a remarkable feat in itself. This year is the Warriors first back to back title. We witnessed Kevin Durant win back to back Finals MVP. During this finals we witnessed Curry break the finals record for most 3 ‘s (9). We watched a team that refuse to beat themselves.

Expected –

Then warriors did what everyone expected them to do.

People saying Curry should of won finals MVP. Stop it , rewind game 3 and watch his poor shooting %. Curry played great. But he was not the reason for their winning. KD consistency was unparalleled as in game 4 he finished the game with a triple double. Curry finished game 4 with 37P as KD differ Curry in the 2nd half.

Let’s take a look at there stats.

Finals stats –

Durant- 28.8 P 10.8 R 7.5A 2B

Curry- 27.5P 6R 6.8A

After watching Cleveland give up at the end of the 2nd Qt. I thought to myself.

Who can beat this team next year?

As the nba is currently constructed. Good question.

I’d say they’ll be the favorites to win next year. Unless something crazy happens like injuries.

Are you a fan of superteams?

Do you see anyone beating the warriors next year?

Current ages of there core

Steph Curry – 30

Kevin Durant – 29

Klay Thompson – 28

Draymond Green- 28

All will be in their prime for at least 3 years minimum.

Does this team / organization have the mental capacity of winning. Once KD signed with the warriors the NBA knew this would mean the west and the entire NBA is on lock down from winning championships.

Are you a fan of the warriors?

Feel free to leave comments

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