Sixers Playoff Run/Media over hype 2018

Do you trust the process ?

I do , I believe the sixers are a few players away from becoming a legit contender alongside Boston in the east for many years to come.

After this 2nd round lost. You have noticed the media move away from these young sixers. Rightfully so.


Brent Brown is a good coach . He has proved himself this year in the regular season that he can make the right decisions . Unfortunately , the playoffs came along and he was out coached in the 2nd round . But is he the problem. No , you keep him and see how he bounces back.

So what happen

The 2nd round assessment-

The sixers got out coached, their players got out worked, and there strategy from game to game looked horrible. Did they even watch film? I would say no. The sixers look like the nonathletic team in gym at the YMCA that stands around the 3P line. Their offense relies way to much on the 3P shot. That is truly there barometer of how well they are going to play.

True Embiid & Simmons are good players. I have them both in my top 20 in the league. The more i watched them the more i see that these two have the “potiental” to become a great team. We just need to wait and watch them development as players.

Media Hype:

The media has an agenda.

This year we were “trusting the process” since Lebron crowd Ben Simmons the prince to his throne. Paving the way for the media to run with a rookie.!! Lol

Pay attention, it’s free.

-Do what you love-


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