Who’s your 2018 MVP?

I get it the MVP award is for the player who has had the best season. Right?

Or is it the best player on the best team?


Who knows?

The NBA never truly define the MVP. I know what MVP means

Most valuable player.

Seems very vague, but nonetheless-

The 2018 playoffs showed us who the real mvp of our league is.

His name:

Lebron James

In his 15th season and showed by far he is the most unstoppable force in the NBA.

Unfortunately for his amazing 15th season he received nothing.

Now let me get this out the way, I am no Lebron James fan boy. But I do respect his greatness and everything he has done for this game. For this man to do what he did this season and not win any award shows you the lack of awards the NBA has.

Found this lovely picture to show what I’m talking about .

James Harden 2018 MVP

But how so?

Because his team added CP3 a top 10 player in the league. Had the best record. But could you make an argument he wasn’t the best player this year.

Let’s take a look at there seasons numbers

If your not going to give the best player in the league the MVP then what are the qualifications ?

I had the same beef with the NBA last year when I believed James Harden should of won it over Westbrook. Is this the NBA saying we’re sorry?

I don’t like it


-Do what you love-



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