Boogie Cousins will be OKAY!

The Achilles is the worst basketball injury! 7 players that suffered an Achilles tear never returned to the NBA.

But I am not worried about Boogie.


He was never athletic to begin with.

Boogie signing with the Golden State Warriors is the smartest basketball decision for his career. He has never been in the playoffs! Why wouldn’t he want to see how it feels to win in the NBA?

He picked a team that just won the NBA championship without him. He can now rest, take his time and properly get into basketball shape after suffering such a devastating injury.  The Achilles injury can have profound effect on his body and his basketball ability. The warriors have no set time table for him to come back. So, he has all season to get himself right.


To me Boogie Cousin’s basketball skills are top notched. His skills will not be affected but his athleticism will.

Best basketball qualities:


For a big man, cousins have demonstrated over his career that he is a willing passer. Last year he averaged a career high 5.4 assists.


I was able to find to find out where Boogie is getting his shots and where he is getting his assists.

This chart will show Demarcus Cousins shot chart of the previous season.


As you can see Demarcus Cousins is either in the paint getting easy post shots or he is spitting up from the 3P line. His style of scoring & passing will work excellent with the warriors.

This chart shows where he is passing to get his assists.


Open 3P shots because of his low posting scoring abilities. A lot of other assists come from the paint which usually lead to him driving open the court or making that extra pass on the perimeter to an open cutting player.

Just think once he can get his body healthy. What he needs to be working on this offseason is improving his 3P shot and his ball control. His numbers will dip, and I don’t expect him to put up monster numbers like he did last year. But I do expect him to be a dominate player in stretches when the warriors need him.

The warriors will use DeMarcus Cousins in a lot of pick and roll’s! He will be able to spot up for 3 P or they will dump the ball inside to him. This upcoming season will be interesting non the less.

Expectations 2018-2019 season

16-22 minutes per game

15.3P 8R 4.6A

53% FG


What are your expectations for Demarcus Boogie Cousins?

-Do what you Love-


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