Kevin Love “the rich man of the Land”

The Cavs recently signed Kevin Love a contract extension . 120 Million for 4 years extension.

Lebron James is no longer a Cavs so the Cavs willingly locked up their star. That is a lot of money. 30 million a year to build around a guy who used to put up top 20 numbers on a bad team. Which was 5 years ago. Kevin Love will be 30 during this NBA season.

Do you think the Cavs made the right decision on building around Kevin Love?

Honestly it’s the only best decision they could have made. Especially with that roster. Which is a mess. They could use his contract as insurance to prove to the rest of the league his value. Still tank and get a high draft pick.

If Kevin Love is putting up good numbers or even numbers close to what he did in

Minnesota which were

26.1 P 12.5 R

Shooting 46% from the field.

2013-2014 when he was 25 years old


I don’t expect him to put up those monster numbers but do you expect his numbers to go up from last year stats.

2017-2018 stats

17.6P 9.3R 1.7A

45.8% FG

41.5% 3 P

88% FT

22.4 PER

My prediction


24.3P 12.3R 2.6A

44.9% FG

89% FT

21.2 PER

He’ll be the first option in Cleveland next year so we’ll see a slight dip in his efficiency.

-Do what you Love-


Is Chris Paul deserving of a max contract?




Please Trade Kevin Love : This Year

2 thoughts on “Kevin Love “the rich man of the Land”

  • Thanks for comment
    True, K love was always brought up in trades talk. Being a good solider has rewarded his pockets lol. You believe the numbers that i projected for Kevin Love for this upcoming season were accurate? Because you do say he will put up better numbers without LBJ I do believe Kevin Love will do more damage in the east as opposed as if he were in the west again.


  • K Love has played the good soldier in his time in Cleveland. Much like Chris Bosh in Miami, Love sacrificed his game in order to compete for titles. He never complained when his name was brought up in trade rumors- which was basically every year. He was a steady presence on and off the court.
    Now, I ain’t saying all those intangibles are worth 120 million, but if healthy, he’s going to put up better numbers without LBJ as the focal point.

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