Blake Griffin – A new and improved Detroit Mindset

Will Blake Griffin make over 200 3pointers next season?

I will go with over!

Blake Griffin has drastically improved his jump shot. In actually his overall game has significantly improved since being traded to the Detroit Pistons.

I always felt like Chris Paul held him in back in LA but in the same breathe Blake Griffin couldn’t stay healthy when the games matter.

Blake Griffin has loss a significant amount a lot of athleticism over the last few years. I don’t think we’ll be seeing him jump over a KIA car no time soon. Ironically he gained his spirit for the game back for the game in Detroit. His basketball IQ and leadership is only getting better with his game.

Blake Griffin has been working tirelessly to change his style of game so he can continue to be a force in the nba! Last year in his 10th season he set a career high in scoring; averaging 24.5 points! He played in 75 games. Lead his team to the playoffs. He was an absolute beast , unfortunately his body broke down again and we saw a limping Blake Griffin in the playoffs.

So this offseason Blake Griffin decided to work on making his shot release quicker. Muscle memory is key! Check it out👇🏽

2019-2020 Projected stats:

P 25.7

R 8.1

A 5.8

B 0.3

S 0.6

TO 3.2

At 30 years old Blake Griffin can still improve his game to be even better for the future!


BLAKE GRIFFIN 50P 14R 6A (10/23/18)



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