Kevin Durant – IN HIS OWN LEAGUE

Here are Kevin Durant field goal shooting percentages over the last 7 seasons.

Mind you Kevin Durant has averaged over 25Points per game within the last 7 seasons. Check it out 👇🏽

The last column shows his scoring per game from the last 7 years.

A lot of Kevin Durant shots come from the mid range.

2014-2015 in Oklahoma City

Within those 7 years I have found 2 shot charts from different years. The efficiency is unreal from mid range! The first chart is from 2017-2018 season.

The second chart is what he did in his last year with the Golden State Warriors.


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2 thoughts on “Kevin Durant – IN HIS OWN LEAGUE

  • KD is unreal and go down as one of the greatest. However though if he don’t man up and get a chip on his own all this means nothing as far as being in the convocation as one of the greats.

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