All stars“ accompanying” Lebron James

This chart below shows what Chris Bosh and Kevin Love accomplished in their first year playing with Lebron James. Clearly Anthony Davis situation is completely different because he won’t be taking a backseat or playing 3rd option.

What can you see Anthony Davis do this upcoming season? Will his numbers regress or will he they heavily improve?

More than likely improve because if they don’t then the Los Angeles Lakers won’t win as many games as we predicted. Now I am not saying Anthony Davis needs to put up Wilt Chamberlain type of numbers every game but he does need to be dominant. This year he has to play like a top 3 player in the entire league. Why? Because he is fully capable and he has Lebron James. This will be the first time in Davis’s career where the spotlight will shine ever so brightly on him.

2019-2020 – Lakers style of play

I’ve heard that the Lakers are willing to run their offense through Anthony Davis. Which I agree will be smart and effective because AD can you get you 25p 12r in his sleep.

This year will be the first time in Lebron James career where he will be not be the first option. How will he handle that?

Check out the Los Angeles Lakers preseason game.

Anthony Davis already looking comfortable in his new home. I know I’m jumping the gun but I am looking forward to seeing what he can do in this year’s playoffs.




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