2019-2020 NEW YORK KNICKS- The young gunners “growth”

Are we all under – estimating the New York Knicks for this upcoming season?

Naaaa lol. Because they won’t be making the playoffs. But I will be the first to admit that their future is bright in the east! I like a lot of their young talent. I like the fact that their young players are able to play a lot of minutes. The minutes they play this year will be the cornerstone for their future. We will get to see how well this teams competes with tough competition.

For this season I can see the New York Knicks in a lot of competitive games. That’s not saying much but watch out for that. Building Rome didn’t take one year. 👀👀 it took several years. The Knicks are on that long path for good things to come.

Can this young squad gel to win over 30 games? 🤯

I believe they are capable of winning a few more games then they are projected. Which is around 27.5 wins according to actionnetwork.

Bright Future:

They signed their top draft pick (RJ Barrett) Knicks fans can’t wait to see his promising talent!

I personally like the New York Knicks coaching staff , I like what they got going on. Coach Fizdale is the perfect coach for them as well. I like this young roster because they’re all young and they all can grow together. They have a lot of young talent at different positions , let’s be honest! The New York Knicks are a building a team that could compete in the playoffs and possible NBA championship for the next 10-12 years if they can keep majority of their pieces.

Let’s get introduced to the young squad who I believe should be the core moving forward. If these players are able to gel together they will be extremely interesting to watch.

G- Dennis Smith Jr.

Age 21

F- Kevin Knox

Age 20

G/F – RJ Barrett

Age 19

G- Allonzo Trier

Age 24

C- Mitchell Robinson

Age 21

C/F- Julius Randle


I give this core of the players I just mention a window of 2-3 years where they will be taking serious in the east. But that’s if the New York Knicks are patient.

To Knicks Fans & Management

Just patience and enjoy watching your young team grow.


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5 thoughts on “2019-2020 NEW YORK KNICKS- The young gunners “growth”

  • We gonna be that team everyone in the East fears to play becasue we are Scrappy scrappy. Even tho we don’t have star quality on our team right now we do have a blank check on our hands. This time giving no star at all there’s room for growth. Everyone starting from the bottom just imagine the hunger. a pack of hungry hyenas can make ANY lion think twice. #Knicknation #rebuildingtheMSGfoundation

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  • Lol the Knicks will be fine. Let’s just hope that they don’t mess things up with this blank check concept. That’s the same approach that ruined the team years ago when they mucked it up to get melo.


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