Stephen Curry vs the league

I think Stephen Curry has at least one 60 + point game in him this season. Do you think that’s possible? Who’s ready to see Stephen Curry make it rain from deep? I am ready to see if he can be a top 5 scorer again in the league. For this upcoming season I believe it is absolutely possible he could average damn near 30points per game. The greatest shooter of all time will have no limitations as we’ve seen the last few years . He will be the clear the #1 offense option again. My only concern will coach Steve Kerr put Stephen Curry on a workload minutes restrain? The warriors only concern is making it to the playoffs healthy!

My Bold Prediction:

Stephen Curry will make over 400 3pm this year. He is the only player in NBA history with that record. I believe this year he doubles it up.

Check out his 2015-2016 MVP season: (First and only 400 3pm season)

Here are some secrets that help Curry from his trainer.👇🏽

Over or Under

29.9 points per game


2019-2020 NEW YORK KNICKS- The young gunners “growth”

Russell (Triple Double) Westbrook

Toronto Raptors – A Strong Reset is needed!

All stars“ accompanying” Lebron James

Kevin Durant – IN HIS OWN LEAGUE


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