Danilo Gallinari – Championship Rental

Danilo Gallinari can easily be a third option or fourth option coming off the bench on a title contending team. What you think?

Alright let me tell you his role, he can come off the bench and help any team score at least 17p+. That’ll be important for the playoffs. As of now he’s a starting F for the Oklahoma City Thunder. I expect the thunder to trade him around the trade deadline if they’re not doing that well.

For half a season he will be sought out by many teams that look to make a serious playoff run. At this point in his career he doesn’t need to be on a young rebuilding team.

Danilo Gallinari has been a decent to good player throughout his time in the nba. He does suffer from little injuries here and there but which player doesn’t at this point.

Check out his contract.

The scenario could play out as he will be a free agent after this season. Danilo Gallinari is still chasing that chip.

Prime years –

During his prime he never received any recognition or any accolades. He was constantly battling injuries. But when he was presence on the floor. He definitely produced solid stats every game.

His career stats:

What makes him valuable?

Well first he’s about 6’10 with long arms. He can play out on the wing or in the post. He has the ability to pull up from anywhere on the court. He can be played at different positions. Last year he set a career high in scoring and his overall game has been better. Check out his last years stats. 👇🏽


Does he stay the whole year with Oklahoma City or does he get traded halfway through?

Check out his top 10 highlights of 2018-2019.


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