2019-2020 Chicago Bulls ”young core”

What would be a successful season for the Chicago Bulls?

For me , the Chicago Bulls would have to win at least 35 games. Realistically I just want them to take another leap together. This year the bulls drafted a young PG in Colby White and he looked really good in the preseason. Hopefully he can hold down the position and get the offense running right!

I am a bulls fan and I make that no secret and I’ve been that way since day 1, thanks to my dad of course 😇.

My outlook towards this season is somewhat hopeful. I feel like East is wide open and waiting for a hungry team to surprise the league. It’ll be a long shot but this season could similar to how the Brooklyn Nets did last year.

Sleeper Team:

I am not saying the Chicago Bulls will make the playoffs or anything. But am I wrong to think that this team will be competing for more stakes sooner than expected.



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