Pascal Siakem – Got the 💰

Pascal Siakem will be entering his 4th season in the NBA. Last year in the NBA finals he had himself quite a series proving that he will be a future All Star.

At 25 years old the Toronto Raptors threw the bag at him because they had no choice! They signed him to a contract extension, rightfully so because there is no Kawhi and that’s no problem. Pascal Siakem is a beast with a high motor. Plus he has tons and tons of raw untapped potential. This year will be another breakout season for Spicey P because he production will be expected and not a surprise for the league. Do you think he can take another leap? Here is what I think.

2019-2020 Projected Stats :

P 20.5

R 7.9

A 3.9

B 0.7

S 1

FG % 52.4

3P % 33.6

FT % 77.3


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