Opening night (10/23/19)

Chicago Bulls vs Charlotte Hornets

My family night!

The long anticipated opening day of NBA basketball was finally happening! I was so excited for my family to be out and about and to most importantly have fun!

Compared to last year.

We arrived to the game early to cut down on our rushing. We have a 1 year old now and that alone was the huge difference from last year. Anyone that has kids knows that they can be completely unpredictable! My beautiful wife and I decided to enjoy ourselves by buying some expensive stadium food lol. It made us feel good for the moment and we couldn’t resist. We also received free popcorn on our way out!

Thank you for that 😊

As far as the game:

The game’s atmosphere was dry. How dry was it? It was so dry that I could hear people on the other side of the stadium conversations.

For an opening night game it felt like a mid-season game in January. Internalizing the crowds dryness alone had me believing that fans don’t care to much about the hornets. Or they are like myself and know deep down that Charlotte isn very good.

Check out the opening tip off.

My son voice is all over this video lol👇🏽

We left in the middle of third quarter because my son was acting up. But it was fine because as a family we were exhausted and couldn’t wait to get home.


Next time I’ll go by myself🤫



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