Rudy Gobert – New Level – It’s me talking to you

Rudy Gobert is a beast on defense!

But am I the only one who thinks he SHOULD be averaging at least 20 points per game? He’s well over 7FT!

Last year he averaged 15.9 points if you were wondering.

This is my challenge to you my French brother!

Man on a Mission:

For the Utah Jazz to take another leap this year and possibly make a WCF appearance this is what they need from you, Rudy Gobert!

P 18.7

R 12.5

A 1.5

B 2.1

S 0.7

TO 1.9

Basketball Progression:

I am simply talking to you as Bballscholar 👇🏽

2x Defensive Player on the year, my dude for your progression I want to see more. I believe you are capable of expanding your offense game. You can do it!

First off you need to more aggressive on offense like you are on defense. Demand the ball once a quarter in the low post! Now I’m not asking for much. A 10-15Feet face up jump shot. Because not to many players are going to be able to block that! Also develop a consistent jump hook with both left and right hand and you’ll be set for a new you.

My aspirations for you:

At 27 , I still see an unpolished offensive player that can take a leap! I may be thinking completely left on this thought but doesn’t anyone see that there’s ton of untapped potential that isn’t being utilized. Rudy Gobert stands at 7’1 and so for in his career he has only averaged 11P. That’s underwhelming.

Projections for Gobert’s stats:

Peak (Prime) Stats- 29 years old







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