Can Kelly Ourbe Jr become an all star in this league?

He has the potential to be a border line all star in the near future. He needs to make another leap in his overall game to reach all star status. With in the next 2 years Oubre needs to become an elite 3 shooter or defender. At 6’7 if he is able to reach new levels than watch out.

But only time will tell….


This season he was dunking on a lot of people and having tons of fun while dong so. I appreciate his high energy. He brings it every night.

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Oubre put Millsap on a poster 😮

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Unfortunately the Phoenix Suns have shut down Kelly Oubre Jr for the reason season.

Injury: Torn meniscus (right knee).

Phoenix Suns future:

He plays well alongside Devin Booker and he’s young. Two key ingredients for cornerstone pieces. The suns definitely need to keep these two together for the long run. Both players will enter their primes around the same time.

The Phoenix Suns “Young” Big 3:

Devin Booker – 23

Kelly Oubre Jr – 24

Deandre Ayton – 21

If by next year before the trade deadline and they are not in the playoff race then they should trade for more pieces. This young team needs to seize the moment so they can fully compete for the playoffs.

Kelly Oubre Jr 2020-2021 predictions:

P 21.7

R 7.1

A 1.9

S 1.3

B 0.9


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  • I would LOVE to see Sumani Papi stay with the Suns long-term! I agree the Suns have some great pieces to build around in their young big three. IF they can surround this team with high caliber coaching/veterans (Rubio/Baynes are a great start) and build a terrific culture, then you just don’t know how great this step up could be.

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  • That’s the huge problem “ their culture” it sucks! Ever since Steve Nash left this organization has taken some serious regression. But I agree with you, I would definitely keep Baynes / Rubio. IF they can keep those players and add better players they’ll be right there hovering around the playoffs next year. The Suns need to make moves fast. Devin Booker is clearly unhappy.

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  • Yeah wipes away tear, I miss the Steve Nash days! Having Monty Williams is good, even better is the sheer fact of just keeping the same coach into a new season!

    Crazy, the revolving door of point guards and coaches the Suns have had in the past 5+ years. Actually borders on stupidity.

    I worry that Booker will be keen to get a fresh start in Minnesota with BOTH his best mates already on the same team: D’Angelo Russ and KAT.

    It’s going to be a bumpy ride yet for the Suns faithful unfortunately.

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