• I really love the stats you dish out! Just a thought, scottie’s winning pct is higher than MJ’s? Yet it is that it was during their partnership that he was most successful, with the 6 titles. How is that?

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  • You’re absolutely correct. Jordan bulls teams early on. Definitely sucked lol. But Scottie is right behind Kareem. And Barkley just missed this list.


  • Oh ya Scottie played majority of his career with MJ but also went on and found success with the Rockets/ trailblazers later on his career. Honestly the 2000 trailblazers should of been in the nba finals. Scottie just knows what to do to win. Too bad he didn’t learn anything from MJ. Because Scottie should of at least went to the finals again.

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  • I thought so too. I thought that blazer team was awful loaded. Too bad the chemistry didn’t work. I guess MJ’s record wasn’t too good in the first part of his career, during the early years when Scottie wasn’t around yet, pushing his win % down.


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