So what’s next for Giannis?

The Milwaukee Bucks have officially been eliminated by the Miami Heat in the second round.

The big question is what is next for Giannis Antetokounmpo?

He can sign the max extension and stay in Milwaukee and trust in ownership. Believing that they will bring star players to Milwaukee by actually revamping their roster next season.


The MVP can leave his team and join with other all stars level players. Possibly creating a potential dynasty or a new big 3.

What is Giannis’s objective?

He’s possibly on the verge of winning back to back MVP’s. That’s great but I think he would want to be chasing championships at this stage in his career now? The upside is he is only 25 years old. And he can put in a lot more work into developing his skills to enhance his game. Playing with a big 3 could limit Giannis’s full progression as a player. Very few free agents are thrilled to go live in Milwaukee.

To me this just seems like another LeBron James situation when he was in Cleveland the first time around.

Giannis will just have to stay loyal and true to himself at the end of the day.

But if he moves somewhere else , he’ll be a huge chest piece for any team to have.



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25 thoughts on “So what’s next for Giannis?

  • I can’t see Giannis winning the title with the Bucks. The only big player realistically going to Milwaukee is Chris Paul, and I don’t think he’s enough for the Bucks to win.

    Although it will hang over him that he couldn’t win a championship by himself in Milwaukee, I think Giannis is better off leaving now to a team that already has one or two stars on the roster.

    He’s in the prime of his career, so he shouldn’t waste these years.

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  • It’s only worth him leaving to join a real contender, so I would say either the Lakers, Clippers or Warriors.

    Personally I’d love to see him be the focal point of a new Warriors superteam that can challenge the Lakers in the West next season. The Warriors’ No 2 draft pick will also be a useful bargaining chip, although the LA teams have better bench players they could offer to the Bucks.

    I just saw Giannis unfollowed all his Bucks teammates so it looks like he will be leaving!

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  • If he’s going to leave it only makes sense to join a real contender team, so I would say either the Lakers, Clippers or Warriors.

    Personally I would love to see Giannis become the focal point of a new Warriors superteam that can challenge the Lakers in the West.

    The No 2 draft pick is a helpful bargaining chip for the Warriors, but the LA teams do have better bench players that they could offer to the Bucks.

    I just saw that Giannis unfollowed his Bucks teammates on Instagram, so it looks like he will be out of Milwaukee!

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  • If he were to do that then they will be another big three formed. But that would be cool to see if you want them older guys to keep winning. It would be a forgone conclusion who the winner would be. The balance on the nba would tipped once again. If he goes to a contender he will be only helping out stars win more titles.

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  • Where would you like to see Giannis go? Or would you prefer he stayed in Milwaukee? Imo if Giannis joined the Warriors there would be a big five, with Giannis, Steph, Klay, Draymond and Andrew Wiggins. Of course, the Warriors could do with a really good center, though.

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  • Definitely to no superteam . For me teams perfected suited for him would be like the raptors, Heat , or trailblazers. Teams that need another player to lead them to the finals. Warriors will look to move to get a player that can go. I would rather see the Warriors try to get Joel Embiid. He would fit better than Giannis.

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  • Interesting call, it would definitely keep the league more competitive if Giannis went to one of those teams.

    As for Embiid, I think the Sixers should trade him this offseason, whether that’s to the Warriors or elsewhere. Both Joel and the Sixers could do with a fresh start, as I don’t see the current crop in Philly getting any further than they already have.

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  • Embiid needs to get out of Philadelphia for him to tap into his that potential we all see.

    Harden and Giannis could be nice to watch. Do you think they could compete for a championship next year?

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  • I think Harden and Giannis could definitely patch up their personal beef to win a title together if they were on the same team, given how they would complement the missing parts of each other’s game. Whether the Rockets would move for a player that goes so strongly against their current ‘small-ball’ style is unlikely though.

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  • I think they’ll move away from it now D’Antoni has gone. If he goes to the Pelicans I think he can get them to the next year’s Playoffs though

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  • I’ve been a casual fan of the NBA for several years but I’ve started following more closely since the restart. I’m from the UK so it’s harder to watch here.

    As for D’Antoni, the two teams he seems to be linked with are the Pelicans and the 76ers. I’d much rather see him in New Orleans as I think his style could be really exciting with the players they have. I’d also like to see if he’s able to improve Lonzo Ball’s shooting, with Lonzo having said himself that he wants to win MIP next season.

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  • They’re tough, they never stop competing and IF they lose, it’s because the other team outfought them. If the Clippers played with Miami’s tenacity, they would still be in the bubble.

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  • Really now so how does the NBA work out there in the UK do you catch it on YouTube or do you have to buy the NBA package or something like that?

    You already know if Mike Dantoni gets a point guard a young point guard at that he’s going to make this point guard much better. Maybe even all-star level. He is an offensive guru in the regular season. Playoffs not so much he usually flames out.
    The nba is all about storylines so if that were to happen I can see Lonzo winning mip.

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  • Definitely on point with this! Clippers play too much ISO ball. That never wins championships. Miami is such a tough team because their leader is extremely battle tested. Plus their coach has championships! That experience is clutch.

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  • I usually watch highlights on YouTube in the morning. You can pay to watch it on Sky but it’s not great for your sleep schedule with games at like 2am

    Lonzo really would become the complete player if he got his shooting sorted. Given where the Pelicans are right now, just reaching the Playoffs would be a huge achievement. They could worry about D’Antoni’s Playoff record later down the line!


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