• I used to be a point guard during my younger days. As expected, I moved on to becoming a coach. I like Jokic because despite his size, his passing abilities will rival any of the full-time PGs in the NBA. I wish the Nuggets will try to move him to PG with Bol Bol in the middle.

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  • Wow , that’s a fun fact that I didn’t know about you. That’s great you are a coach you have a lot of basketball knowledge. I still play ball till this day but now I’m solely working with my son. Jokic at the 1 makes the most sense. I even wrote about that scenario last year! Nuggets got a lot of talent. They draft well.

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  • in this age of positionless ball, this audacious first team might make the nuggets a cut above the rest: jamal and nikola at guard, porter and gordon at forward, bol at center. gosh, that would be awesome!

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  • That’s a perfect team because they’ll have massive size and skill players not jamming up the floor. I think that’ll be the roster when they make it to the nba finals.

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