Jimmy “Juiced Up” Butler – 5.27.22

Jimmy Buckets told me to watch my mouth because he is playing in a game 7 to go to the NBA finals! All chips were in for game 6 and delivered. Butler put on an amazing performance! Probably one of the best performances of this years NBA post season! If you doubted that he was a superstar he proved that he is one last night.

A fun fact about the game is that nobody else on the Miami Heat scored over 20points! Jimmy Butler was doing a lot of heavy lifting!

But was that the finally push for the Miami Heat or will they have enough to finish off the Boston Celtics at home? This is why teams battle for the top seed in the regular season. So that they can have the ability to play at home in a game 7! Either way both teams will be pretty beaten up to play the Golden State Warriors!

1. Miami Heat-111

2. Boston Celtics-103

Series tied at 3-3

Player of the night:

Jimmy Butler

MP 45:56

P 47

R 9

A 8

S 4

B 1

FG 16 – 29

3P 3 – 8

FT 11 – 11

TO 1


-Belief is in the Air-


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