The Role you Play – Staring CP0

0 in reference to how many rings he will have before his career is over.

When was the moment I knew he wasn’t winning anything but accolades…..

When I saw him in all these commercials he had a Charles Barkley like vibe. So I believe he took on his character! Funny but outspoken! Somewhat loved by the fans but not really lol.

My perfect example:

Happened in 2008 when they gave Kobe the MVP over him! I just knew his career will about regular season stats and accolades!

His team had less talent and he did more. I believe 08 – 13 was Chris Pauls’ peak!

When he was in the finals I didnt watch because I kept remembering this commercial!

I believe in the NBA and more than likely any other sports the role you play isn’t determined by you but how hard you work and what you are willing to subject yourself to!

-Believe it, See it, Achieve it ii-

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