76ers vs Thunder- 1/28/18

The last time these two teams played it took OKC 3OT to get PHI. As far as for the game last night this turned out to be an incredible intense game. I tuned in after half time when the sixers were up 11 and I was noticing how many shots (20) Russell Westbrook had compare to the rest of his team. Could this be another game that Westbrook shoots his team out of the game with his inefficient shooting. The sensational highlight of the 1st half is when Embid dunked on Westbrook and stared him down. The score entering the 3rd quarter was 58 – 47 with the Sixers up. More of less Philadelphia feeling good about the 2nd half as they were looking to put the thunder away as they had them on the ropes. The 3rd quarter was a interesting one to say the least. A lot of back and forth one team scores and the other team scores. The sixers started getting comfortable. They started to over pass which lead them to a lot of shot clock violations. The sixers also started getting more lax on defense. Until boom Carmelo Anthony was guarding Joel Embid in the post and there was a lot of tussling and trash talk going on. Anthony got called for the defensive foul. But the trash talking did not stop between these two. The game suddenly had a different feel to it, felt like a playoff game and this game showed what the thunder could ultimate be come playoff time. Carmelo picked up 3 quick fouls and he definitely look irritated. Coach Billy Donovan quickly pulled Carmelo and the team felt rejuvenated with this new found energy. As if they figured out they were the better team. They out scored 35 to 25  The 4th quarter rolled in the sixers were battling back. Paul George scored 31 points very efficiently and on fire from the 3. Westbrook starting attacking forcefully in the paint. Thunder started pulling away; Sixers looked out matched. Westbrook ended the game with 37 points on 33 shots. At the end of the game Westbrook had a stare-down with the sixers star Embid. Can’t wait for part 3.

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2017-2018 NBA All Stars Who i Voted for

As we approach the All-Star break 2017-2018 season which is the half way point of the season. The All-Star game is where we get to see the NBA’s talent on display for the entirety of that weekend. The All-Star break will take place on February 16-18.

How I break down an NBA all star is in many categories such as, impact on team, how much this player has to attribute to his team success, and who has been playing the best respectfully for each side.

A lot of people go on how good the team success is but if you have people on your team that does not shoot well or do anything else for that matter. Then really good players on bad teams stats tend to raise up due to the lack of other good players around them. They shouldn’t suffer from not being an all star just because there team isn’t that great. Perfect example of this is when I looked over at the east teams it was very hard for me to find all stars on teams that were currently in the playoffs.

Now here’s who I believe deserves to be starting in East vs West All Star game.

East All Stars Starters

G- Kyrie Irving – 24p 3.5r 5a

G- DeMar DeRozan – 25.4p 4.2r 5a

F-Giannis Antetokounmpo – 28.4p 9.9r 5a

F- Lebron James – 27.1p 8r 8.8a

C-Joel Embid – 23.5p 10.8r 3.4a

Reserves players

F- Kristaps Porziņģis – 23.6p 6.8r 1.3a

F- Ben Simmons – 16.9p 8.2r 7.3a

C- Andre Drummonds – 14.6p 15r 3.8a

F- Kevin Love – 19.2 p 9.6r 1.7a

G- John Wall – 19.7 p 3.7 r 9.3a

G- Bradely Beal – 23.8p 4.4r 3.8a

G- Victor Oladipo – 24.4p 5.2r 4a

West All Stars Starters

G- Stephen Curry – 27.8 p 5.2r 6.5a

G- James Harden – 32.3 p 5r 9.1a

F-Anthony Davis – 26.7 p 10.5r 2.3a

F- Kevin Durant – 26.3 p 7r 5.3a

C-Demarus Cousins – 25.5 p 12.6r 5.1a

Reserves players

G-Russell Westbrook – 25.1p 9.6r 10a

F-Karl Anthony Towns – 20.2p 12r 2.3a

G- Klay Thompson – 20.6p 4r 2.6a

G-Jimmy Butler – 21.4p 5.4r 5.1a

G-Damian Lillard – 24.8p 4.8r 6.5a

F- LaMarcus Aldridge – 22.8p 8.5r 1.9a

G- Devin Booker – 24.9 p 4.4r 4.4a

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Drummond Rebounding Is Extraordinary

Coming out of UConn i didn’t think much of Andre Drummond. I didn’t think he could be the next dominant force in the NBA. At 19 I seen qualities that he had that could transfer into the NBA such as his rebounding ability. Rebounding is a key aspect to the game. Rebounding is an art that can be taught but in order to be great at this ability, you need heart and determination. The will power to go locate, box out your opponent and find the basketball off the rim in itself is very challenging.

What the NBA fails to do is showcase others players strength that doesn’t involved scoring. Andre Drummond is 24 years old stud and is only in his 5th season in the NBA was drafted by the Detroit Pistons. He already ranks in the top 15 all time in rebounding per games at 13.04. This puts him right behind Dennis Rodman who is a Hall of Famer incisively because of his rebounding and defense. Dennis also lead the league in rebounding 7 times. Not only is Drummond’s on a HOF path by just rebounding his overall game has been improving since entering the league.

Drummond is an elite rebounder in today’s league and he’s force to deal with every time he steps onto the court. This year the Detroit Pistons have decided to expand Drummond’s roll within the offense. They now run the offense through him and let him make the play for his teammates.

This year he is averaging 15 rebounds per game. He has already lead the league in rebounding once before winning the rebounding title in 2015-2016, he is on track to get his 2nd rebounding title this year.

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Christmas Pre-Finals CLV vs GSW?

It’s 2017-2018 NBA season and yes if you haven’t been paying attention to basketball. GSW vs CLV is a rival. It’s silly to think that they won’t be playing in the finals. Just like the 60’s with the Celtics and the 90’s with the Bulls. In every decade there has always been dynasty’s. Today’s NBA we have greatness vs dynasty.

Did i like the NBA Christmas game? I was definitely looking forward to seeing the 1st and 2nd greatest players in today’s generation. But this game was a total let down. Yes Steph Curry or Isiah Thomas didn’t played. But that day I really believed we were going to witness a preview to the finals as far as individual match ups.

Lebron played 40 minutes 20 p 7/18 6r 6a 7t

Kevin played 36 minutes 25 p 8/19 7r 3a 2s 4t

Total let down but the game itself was what we expected

The 2 best players in the NBA let the moment get in the way of showing us how good they can be.

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Is this the actual state of the NBA?

Currently the NBA has turned into an analytical game. Run and gun, 3 point shooting, pick n roll, no physical league. Has this made watching the NBA about skill level over positions? Is this new way of thinking good? Is change inevitable.

New changes

The NBA is always adjusting, the way basketball is being played today is different then how it was played 20 years ago.  The game has been developed in so many different aspects.  Every decade or so, the NBA begins to have different nuances within the game itself. Different rules changes, the recent success of players like Steph Curry & James Harden. Who have been dominating the league recently with the 3 ball. Teams are construction there style of play of just 3 point shooting and lay ups. The art of the Post/Mid range is almost absent in today’s game.

The NBA is usually dictated by which team is winning championships and how they are doing so.

What do you think?


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