Opening night (10/23/19)

Chicago Bulls vs Charlotte Hornets

My family night!

The long anticipated opening day of NBA basketball was finally happening! I was so excited for my family to be out and about and to most importantly have fun!

Compared to last year.

We arrived to the game early to cut down on our rushing. We have a 1 year old now and that alone was the huge difference from last year. Anyone that has kids knows that they can be completely unpredictable! My beautiful wife and I decided to enjoy ourselves by buying some expensive stadium food lol. It made us feel good for the moment and we couldn’t resist. We also received free popcorn on our way out!

Thank you for that 😊

As far as the game:

The game’s atmosphere was dry. How dry was it? It was so dry that I could hear people on the other side of the stadium conversations.

For an opening night game it felt like a mid-season game in January. Internalizing the crowds dryness alone had me believing that fans don’t care to much about the hornets. Or they are like myself and know deep down that Charlotte isn very good.

Check out the opening tip off.

My son voice is all over this video lol👇🏽

We left in the middle of third quarter because my son was acting up. But it was fine because as a family we were exhausted and couldn’t wait to get home.


Next time I’ll go by myself🤫



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What would be a successful season for the Chicago Bulls?

For me , the Chicago Bulls would have to win at least 35 games. Realistically I just want them to take another leap together. This year the bulls drafted a young PG in Colby White and he looked really good in the preseason. Hopefully he can hold down the position and get the offense running right!

I am a bulls fan and I make that no secret and I’ve been that way since day 1, thanks to my dad of course 😇.

My outlook towards this season is somewhat hopeful. I feel like East is wide open and waiting for a hungry team to surprise the league. It’ll be a long shot but this season could similar to how the Brooklyn Nets did last year.

Sleeper Team:

I am not saying the Chicago Bulls will make the playoffs or anything. But am I wrong to think that this team will be competing for more stakes sooner than expected.



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Top 23 Players Under 23

Here is who I believe are the best 23 best players 23 and under.

To qualify a player has to have already played in a NBA season for me to rank them. They have to be at least 23 years old and under entering this upcoming season. I’ve made an expectation for my top player because they will 24 in the middle of the season. But at the start of the season this player is under 23.

Also I will be displaying last year’s stats of each player on my list. I will be using advance stats such as usage rate (U) , Player efficiency (PER) and finally their turnover rate (TR).

Now here are the players 23 and under.

1. Karl Anthony Towns (MIN)

Age- 23

U – 28.9

TR – 13.7

PER – 26.3

2. Donovan Mitchell (UTA)

Age- 23

U – 31.6

TR – 11.3

PER – 17.2

3. Luka Doncic (DAL)

Age- 20

U – 30.5

TR – 15

PER – 19.6

4. Devin Booker (PHX)

Age- 22

U – 32.09

TR – 15.4

PER – 20.2

5. De’Aaron Fox (SAC)

Age- 21

U – 24.5

TR – 15

PER – 18.1

6. Jamal Murray (DEN)

Age- 22

U – 24.9

TR – 11.1

PER – 16

7. Jayson Tatum (BOS)

Age- 21

U – 22.1

TR – 9.7

PER – 15.1

8. Lauri Markkanen (CHI)

Age- 22

U – 25.1

TR – 8.8

PER – 17.1

9. Trae Young (ATL)

Age- 21

U – 28.6

TR – 17.6

PER – 17

10. John Collins (ATL)

Age- 22

U – 23.7

TR – 11.2

PER – 21.8

11. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (OKC)

Age- 21

U – 18.3

TR – 15

PER – 13.4

12. Brandon Ingram (NOP)

Age- 22

U – 23.2

TR – 13.1

PER – 13.4

13. Marvin Bagley III (SAC)

Age- 20

U – 24.2

TR -10.7

PER – 18.9

14. Jaylen Brown (BOS)

Age- 22

U – 22.1

TR – 10.1

PER – 13.5

PER – 18

15. Jaren Jackson Jr (MEM)

Age- 20

U – 22.8

TR – 12.7

PER – 16.4

16. Deandre Ayton (PHX)

Age- 21

U – 21.2

TR – 11.7

PER – 20.5

17. Myles Turner (IND)

Age- 23

U – 20

TR – 10.3


18. Myles Bridges (CHA)

Age- 21

U – 15.1

TR – 8.4

PER – 13.1

19. Kevin Huerter (ATL)

Age- 21

U – 15.7

TR – 13.8

PER – 10.1

20. Wendell Carter Jr. (CHI)

Age- 20

U – 19.1

TR – 13.4

PER – 15.2

21. Dennis Smith Jr. (NYK)

Age- 21

U – 24.8

TR – 17.6

PER – 12.3

22. Lonzo Ball (NOP)

Age- 21

U – 16.9

TR – 17.8

PER – 11.7

23. Mitchell Robinson (NYK)

Age- 21

U – 12.1

TR – 9.1

PER – 22


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Danilo Gallinari – Championship Rental

Danilo Gallinari can easily be a third option or fourth option coming off the bench on a title contending team. What you think?

Alright let me tell you his role, he can come off the bench and help any team score at least 17p+. That’ll be important for the playoffs. As of now he’s a starting F for the Oklahoma City Thunder. I expect the thunder to trade him around the trade deadline if they’re not doing that well.

For half a season he will be sought out by many teams that look to make a serious playoff run. At this point in his career he doesn’t need to be on a young rebuilding team.

Danilo Gallinari has been a decent to good player throughout his time in the nba. He does suffer from little injuries here and there but which player doesn’t at this point.

Check out his contract.

The scenario could play out as he will be a free agent after this season. Danilo Gallinari is still chasing that chip.

Prime years –

During his prime he never received any recognition or any accolades. He was constantly battling injuries. But when he was presence on the floor. He definitely produced solid stats every game.

His career stats:

What makes him valuable?

Well first he’s about 6’10 with long arms. He can play out on the wing or in the post. He has the ability to pull up from anywhere on the court. He can be played at different positions. Last year he set a career high in scoring and his overall game has been better. Check out his last years stats. 👇🏽


Does he stay the whole year with Oklahoma City or does he get traded halfway through?

Check out his top 10 highlights of 2018-2019.


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Zion Williamson – THE HYPE

If you haven’t been keeping up with NBA preseason so far then I’ll fill you in on what this year’s #1 draft pick has done so far in his first 3 preseason games.

Zion Williamson has been going off in the last three preseason games. He has put the NBA on noticed with these monstrous games. As a slasher he looks really quick, strong, and his leaping ability definitely translated into the NBA. It is still early and I already love what I see from him.

Zion coming into this league with fear! On this play in particular he takes the ball in on the reigning defensive player of the year. (Rudy Gobert)

Watch the nice handles.

Can Zion Williamson join this exclusive list?

Are you believing the hype?

Does he make the all star team as a rookie?

First off it is way early to predict what type of player he can be in the NBA but what he showcased in his first three preseason games was a lot. It will be extremely hard for him to make an all star team out in the west due to the fact of how many overwhelming all stars they already have. But his game has been on full display and it looks to me that the Pelicans will use him right.

Being a first year all star?

I highly doubt that but if the fans vote in him. It will probably be due to his ridiculous dunking highlights.

What are your predictions for Zion Williamson rookie season?

P 18.6

R 8.5

A 3.9

B 1.7

S 1.4

TO 2.1

Here is a funny clip on what Zion’s rookie season could be like, enjoy .


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