Back By Popular Demand!!

Hey guys thanks for all the love! The love I’ve received from here has surprised me! (In a good way) after taking over a month off from NBA action my mind feels totally refreshed!

I’ve been getting a lot emails about Bballscholar since!

Well , I have been spending countless hours growing Muse By Malan Scented Body Oils. Even though I am officially retired from writing about basketball. I’ve developed my new passion which has been about growing my company and seeing how far I can take it with your help!

But what have I been doing?


Quick update:

I have been doing great mentally, physically, and spiritually. Still a little bang up in the neck and back but nevertheless.

God is good!

I am still in physical therapy due to getting hit by a truck back in February of this year.

My family is in a great place.

Muse By Malan has been growing!

An update about the company:

Everything on the website has been discounted.

Please check it out and sign up to the website.

Feel free to write me on there!

We sell to everywhere in the United States.

Some of our oils. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

Going forward I will showcase the work we have been doing.

I feel that it is only right.

My dedication to providing for family has only gotten stronger!!

My son told me yesterday that I need to continue to write!


A Rose By The Bay (Body Oil)

Mystic Lavender (BODY OIL)